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Percabeth at Goode Chapter one: Starting at Goode. Mostly I read percabeth fanfics, because Percy and Annabeth are the ones I find most interesting to read about from my pool of OTPs, besides the fact I love both of them and that I’m a hopeless romantic who’s also in love with Percy. Read Chapter • Twelve from the story Percabeth At Goode by Rain756 with 2,072 reads. goodehigh, love, thaliagrace. Annabeth pov Percy and I got into our car,as. This story is about Annabeth, Hazel, Frank, Jason, Leo, and Piper going to Percy's Highschool. Along with a few other surprise guests. I do not own Any of the HOO c. percabeth at goode; pjo/hoo Fanfiction Myself and Mr D have decided to send you to High School. Specifically Goode High School. Percy's High School. We're going to Goode? Yes. ©violetharmcn THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES FINISHED AND THEREFORE DIVERGES FROM C. What happens when Annabeth goes to Goode? Percy is the popular boy and Lillian the schools lead snob tries to steal Percy from Annabeth while the football captain Miles tries to steal Annabeth from Percy. Can they hold them off or will their relationship wither and die. Total Percabeth with Thalico.

"Okay then, dear. I hope you enjoy it here at Goode!" I smiled and waved as I walked out of the office. Yes, I think I will enjoy it here. With Percy. sigh Percy's POV. I really missed my girlfriend. Like, reeeeaaallllyyy missed her. Annabeth I thought with a sigh as I got out of my car in the school parking lot. Goode High School. Follow/Fav Percabeth in Goode. By: wiseowl12. After 1 week in school Annabeth gets expelled from a boarding school. She then decides that she will stay with Percy in his apartment and will attend Goode. There Annabeth will meet Percy's friends, and try to get over the past. Follow/Fav Annabeth Goes to Goode. By: everydaynerd. We've all read some like this before: Annabeth shows up at Goode to surprise Percy, yadayada; basically my interpretation of where things would've gone had Rick continued after BOO and hurt the faves slightly less than usual. Goode was the only school I had stayed at for more than a year. Thalia and I had had some talks about this. She said something about me growing a lot and having a body that was considered hot because of all the swimming, and people took more notice in me, and because of that ended up also realizing what a good.

Percabeth at Goode Chapter two: They Meet. Apparently she had moved to New York a week ago after her stepmother got a really good job offer that demanded they moved to Manhattan, had twin half-brothers, had lost her mother when she was eight and lived not very far from school. Percabeth at Goode Chapter five: Get it Out. snowbellearc. Hello again, my fellow readers. Here’s the conflict between the two from Annabeth’s perspective, and her own inner battles. Next chapter you might have a look at Percy’s. Percabeth at Goode Chapter nine: Fun part two snowbellearc. Hellooo, my beloved readers. Here goes one more chapter! Be aware that I was supposed to be studying, but didn’t just because of the great person I am, who didn’t want to keep you waiting not because I was using my writing as an excuse not to study, of course, so appreciate me! 5 Jul 2019- Read Chapter • Ten from the story Percabeth At Goode by Rain756 with 2,274 reads. frazel, jiper, romance. Shout out to. Annabeth,Jason,Piper,Frank,Hazel,Leo,Thalia and Nico all dicide to attend Percy's school Goode. What will happen to th.

"Oh, that's cool. You must be very good. My boyfriend swims, and he says it's very competitive." John nodded, "Yeah, I'm not bad. But I never had a chance at captain, Jackson is like a fish." She held in a giggle. My seaweed brain. At least now I know if I didn't find him at some point today, I can track him down at swim practice. 10/6/2015 c11 Wistim's daughter The mist has disappeared you should have them talk about camp and if it safe since the mist is gone and everybody can see clearly at the camps are safe still maybe talk about how the fights will be different now a bit since the monsters can be seen by the mortals at least that is my opinion on what is today it's. for Percabeth at Goode High School. 5/27 c11 Guest i would be intrested if you started agaon, but pls make sure that we have some baclround of rain, i love ur writing! 5/5 c2 Guest luv it! so far so good! 3/11 c11 hi I think you should cause you enjoy it. 3/5 c11 lilly rousit please keep writing. i read BoOm it was awesome. Leo died crying Leo came back from the dead yay.PERCABETH FOREVER. they go to colledge. read magnus chase and the gods of asgard,so good, and trials of apollo, also really good. go read tham. NOW. GO READ, I COMAND YOU. GO. READ NOW. GO!

Myself and Mr D have decided to send you to High School. Specifically Goode High School. Percy's High School. We're. for Percabeth At Goode On Hiatus. 8/22 c8 Annabeth 2007 Annabeth First kissed percy on the cheek after the chariot race in sea of monsters. 9/6/2018 c10 PercyLuvsNico Finish this. Read Lunch from the story Percabeth At Goode-The Second Adventure by -_-PercyJackson-_- Percy Jackson with 4,143 read. "Feelin' the love, guys," he muttered. "For the information, you did interrupt a Percabeth moment, Mom. Did you want something? His mother sat down at the seat adjacent to his before responding, and he sat up a little straighter. "Oh no, what did I do? I swear it was an accident!" "Calm down, you're not in trouble," she assured him with a laugh.

for Percabeth at Goode High. 5/9 c3 Guest pls update pls pls pls pls pls. 6/18/2018 c3 sk8gr8 Will there be more? Hope so. This story is amazing. Keep up the great stories! 12/20/2017 c3 Bob Plz make more I love them. 12/6/2017 c1 loveisreal this is awesome i can not wait to read more! Percabeth is the het ship between Annabeth and Percy from the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles fandoms. When Percy wakes up, he describes Annabeth as a "pretty girl, with blonde hair curled like a princess". After he faints, she nurses him back to health. When he wakes up for a few minutes, she feeds. I made my way to my closet and pulled out some ripped jeans and a blue shirt my mom got me. My mom, Sally was the best mom and I couldn't ask for anyone better. She was engaged to Paul, the English teacher at Goode High. He was good for her; her last boyfriend had. Read Everything back to normal. Haha not from the story Goode High School Percy Jackson Fanfiction by AmazingL with 15,970 reads. cute, percabeth, percy. Percabeth. 1.8K likes. This is for all you wonderful Percabeth lovers! The more people that join the more fun we can have! Also, we do promos so just.

  1. WARNING: Slow updates One day Annabeth surprises Percy by going to Goode high. Percy is really excited to finally see his Wisegirl again. She arrives at Goode with the seven,Thalia,and Calypso. There will be drama,and hardships coming for Percabeth. They've fought Titans,and giants,but can.
  2. Read XIII from the story Percabeth at Goode by -_-PercyJackson-_- Percy Jackson with 12,046 reads. annabethchase, hoo, percyjackson. Percy They had wanted.

25/11/2016 · Hi, hi, So, just for some context, this is about percabeth growing older and living their dream and whatnot. This song is one of my favourites tbh and it's so great to post a video after a while! If you'd like to, you can suggest songs and/or ships or themes in the comments below and I'll check them out! I need ideas lmao. 26/09/2016 · Song: Marry me-Jason Derulo Here are some memoires of good old Percabeth; I own nothing.

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